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January 31
Mature Content


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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)
It was early in the morning and you knew you should be already standing in a line with your fellow cadets waiting for a training. But you totally didn't feel like leaving the warm place under your blanket.

All of sudden, the door of your chamber opened and a blond-haired man stepped inside.

"Time to wake up, sleepy." Ugh. How much you hate this. Everytime when you were trying to skip the training, the Commander himself just walked into your room getting your ass out of the bed regardless if you liked it or not. And hell, it was written all over his face how much he enjoyed it.

"Not yet." You whined and cover your head with the cloth. Unfortunately for you, Erwin was of the opposite opinion and he decided to remove your cover throwing your tiny body over his shoulder.

"Uuah! W-wait, Erwin! Put me down, I'm not even dressed yet!" Ignoring your protests and the fact that the only thing you were wearing was a set of white tank top with shorts, he made his way out of your room carrying you straight outside.

"Tsk, took you long enough, Erwin." Levi hissed when he saw the two of you finally arriving.

"Training is waiting, and thanks to Cadet [L/N], everyone's going to run extralaps!" He proclaimed as he finally put you down letting you stand on your own legs. You could feel the angry looks heading towards you but you were too busy shivering with cold than paying attention to them.

"You too, brat. Move your lazy ass." The shorter man sneered smacking your backside teasingly.

"That hurted!" You cried out.

"Yeah, and guess what, idiot. It was on purpose."

After spending nearly half of the day running, the only thing you wanted to do was to fall onto your comfortable bed. Just when you were hobbling through the hallway, you heared somebody calling your name.

"[F/N]! Wait!"

You turned around to see who's looking for you. Hanji.

"Thanks god I catched you up! Commander Erwin sends a message that he urgently needs you in his room."

"His room? Didn't you mean his office?"

An expression of excitement appeared on her face, pretty similar to the one when she got a permission for capturing more titans. I guess that means 'no'.

As soon as you finally got rid of the brown-haired woman, you headed straight to Commander's doorway. I wonder what's so urgent that he even sent Hanji for me.

Hearing the steps coming from outside, he called you inside without the need of knocking. "Come in, I've been waiting for you."

You were about to ask what he wanted from you but when you noticed the man's nearly naked body, you weren't capable of nothing more then staying there with your mouth wide open. He was sitting on his bed with only boxers on and a towel around his still wet hair. He probably just got out of the shower. You couldn't help but blush at the sight, Commander for sure was a handsome guy.

"What is it, [F/N]? Have you never seen a man's bare body?" He chuckled over your reaction making your cheeks burn even harder.

You looked away covering your eyes with your hand. "I-Is that what you needed from me? To help you dress up?"

"I was hoping you'll rather help me to take it off." He said lusciously as he got on his feet making his way towards you. As if there was something to take off. His delicate fingers reached your hair and tangled themselves into these soft [h/c] strands pulling your face closer to his.

"C-Commander ... s-stop, please ..." You stuttered out as you tried to draw aside.

"Now you start calling me Commander again?" He gave a slight laugh. That's true, after being dragged out the bed for so many times, you somewhat became familiar with calling him by his name.

Then he noticed your worried expression and looked deeply into your eyes. This soft gaze was somehow ... calming.

"There's nothing to worry about, [F/N], nothing to worry about." He whispered bringing his lips closer to yours connecting them into a loving kiss.

Slowly, he started to make his way down your neck sucking every little part of your sensitive skin not caring about the love bites that he'll make. No, wait. More like not caring, it was like he was marking you to make sure everyone knows who you belong to.

"Nnh ..." You couldn't help but let out a soft moan. Taking it as a incentive to continue, he smirked and began to unbutton your shirt sneaking one of his hands in to unbuckle your bra.

"Aah! E-Erwin!" Your eyes widened when his fingers reached your nipples and squeezed them lightly. That's it, there was no way out of this. You couldn't resist anymore.

Suddenly, a rough series of clacking cathed both of yours attention. You clasped your hands onto your mouth trying to not let out a single noise. You had no idea about what to do.

"Oi, Erwin! Are planning to finally get your ass on the meeting? Everybody's waiting just for you!" Although you couldn't see the person behind the door, you were more then 100% sure that it's Corporal Levi.

You looked at the taller man in disbelief waiting for anything he'll say. How can one forget such a thing?!

"I'll be there in a minute." He responded giving you a comforting smile. You couldn't understand how did he manage to stay so calm when you were freaking out inside.

Deciding it's the best time to get lost, you started to put on your clothes as fast as possible. What didn't make it easier for you were your fingers trembling so hard that you nearly couldn't hit the studs.

"Ssh. Don't panic." He whispered as he tried to help you out. Despite how embarrassed you felt, you had no right to complain. Without Commander's help, you wouldn't even have a bra on you yet.

"Don't forget to button up properly, these marks won't go unnoticed tomorrow."

You couldn't blush harder when you walked from the door as quickly as possible trying so hard to avoid any sign of an eye contact with the Corporal.

Levi grinned indicating he has a pretty clear idea of what just happened. "You perverted old man."

Annotations (just to make sure everyone understands):
[L/N] - Last name
[F/N] - First name
[h/c] - hair colour
I can't even express how happy I am to finally making it done. While writting this, I really realized that writting Erwin is way more harder than writting Levi xD

I'd also love to thank the all of you for your support, seeing every single fave, reading every single comment - it really makes my heart go doki-doki mintlove 

And as always, thank you very much for reading, every comment/feedback is greatly appreciated ^^

Erwin & Levi © Isayama Hajime
You © Erwin
Story © themuffinshota
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Dragon-pig Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2014
I should be doing econs but I am pissed with it so I came across this and well..... yeah, off to the next lesson!

P.s.: I liked it very much hehe.
themuffinshota Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Student General Artist
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KirePapa Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
eue this was truly awsome ~
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